The Saga of Seven Greekophiles Part 2

Just a quick note before we continue our crazy tale:  The shipwreck that I refer to in this section is the famous iconic photo you see in a lot of the advertising for Greek tourism, the rusty old hulk, lying on a pristine sandy beach in a small cove.  This ship, the “Panagiotis”, sailing from Turkey to Italy in October, 1980, and was caught in a huge storm and driven ashore on the west coast of Zakynthos.  On Zakynthos they call it “Navagio Beach” and has become a major tourist attraction, both for those who arrive by boats, or like us, drive to the top of the cliff to look down.  I mention that when we were there, a large section of the cliff collapsed suddenly, swamping some boats close to shore, and injuring several people.  Thankfully, nobody was killed.

We continue:

When on the safari, we saw many things and more,

Old villages, olive groves and vistas galore.

The shipwreck beach was a highlight terrif,

where we all got out to look over the cliff.

We stood on a ledge that would make you turn pale

all crowded around, hanging on to a rail.

As we gazed down on the beach below,

hundreds of tourists like ants did go.

 Looking down on the beach from Author Ian Kent
Looking down on the beach

A day or so later we were glad not to be there,

as the cliff fell down, giving everyone a scare.

Huge chunks of rocks crashed down on the crowd,

With roars and screams that were so loud.

Shipwreck Beach from Author Ian Kent
Shipwreck Beach

Further on this tour, an olive press was seen

Where they squeezed all the olives for soap to make you clean.

And lots of oil for salads to flavour

with added lemons, oranges and garlic to savour.

We returned back home, our bodies feeling poor

Glad we had all made the jeep tour.

Our bodies then called for an exquisite warm shower,

followed by a wonderful nap for an hour.

With barely enough time to get things right

We went to the pool bar for Maria’s ‘Greek Night’.

Music, drinks and food par excellence

Then Greek dancers like leaping a fence.

Maria’s ‘Greek Night’ from Author Ian Kent
            Maria’s ‘Greek Night’

It was a great evening of music and dance

Jackie, Martyn, Bill and Jan all took a chance

While Sheila, Diana and I saved our seats

while continuing to sample the drinks and eats.

A drink break in town from Author Ian Kent
A drink break in town

Then came a day when it was time to shop

so off in two taxis that did not stop

to the centre of Zante our crew did go

For clothes, shoes and jewels just made for the show.

Tourist Train from Author Ian Kent
Tourist Train

One evening after dinner to Sheila’s delight

They played “Happy Birthday” and candles did light.

We all sang Happy Birthday and gave her our wishes

with a Greek birthday card and a cake so delicious.

Another Shopping Break from Author Ian Kent
Another Shopping Break

Our trip in the boat to see turtles and caves

was a little disappointing and did not get raves

Our glass bottom boat had one thing to show

which they said was a turtle, but no other life below.

Zakynthos Turtle from Author Ian Kent
Zakynthos Turtle

Neither the bus nor the boat had a toilet to show

Which made it real difficult for those who had to go.

Some went for a swim which helped them a lot

While others looked behind bushes and rocks for  spot.

Caves in the cliffs from Author Ian Kent
Caves in the cliffs

Then departure day came for four of our gang

Who left in two taxis that Maria had rang.

Bill and Jan were the first to ride

Jackie was next with Martyn by her side.

All that was left was just us three,

so we decided to tour the north end to see

the villages and sights we had missed before

and go to many places just to see more.

A stop in a village had tourist treats galore

with drinks and attractions you couldn’t ask for more.

A lovely lady came out and gave us the sell

We bought a nice blanket that will cover us well.

Another day of driving along the coast to the east

Where the tavernas and restaurants were a good place to feast.

One stop for money and a shirt to buy,

A relaxing trip and the time did fly.

Our final trip to the airport was certainly a toil

with bags overpacked with Greek souvenirs and oil.

A flight to Gatwick did not make us grin

As we could hardly wait for our tonic and gin.

Three of us with Maria, our hostess from Author Ian Kent
Three of us with Maria, our hostess

With thanks to the “Seaview Village” Staff:

Of the people that worked there

I must tell before I go

Every time we said “efharisto”,  (thank you)

they replied with “parakalo”.   (You’re welcome)

Filoxenia was number one service

 of our friendly staff

Who always made us smile

and often made us laugh.

Kalimera, Coula, with your potato rolls so great

And Christos and Kostas with the other food we ate.

The un-named gardener with the big straw hat

who mowed lawns, carried bags and handled this and that.

Up that hill, which should have made us thin

Was Timos, from Kalamaki, who mixed our tonic and gin.

While lovely Angie and her crew we had seen

were laughing and giggling while every room they clean.

Stamatis the chef cooked up meals so good

reinforcing our love for traditional Greek food.

Alex at the front desk to prevent any loss

And wonderful Maria was always the Boss!

Ionian Sunset from Author Ian Kent
Ionian Sunset

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