Take a Break?

I wasn’t sure how I was going to write this one, so I’ll just begin by saying I’m going to take a break, a short pause in my ‘travel tales’ blog, and let my readers have a break as well.

Summer is upon us (finally) which tends to slow down some of my creative energies, and turns my attention to other things, like celebrating the high school graduation of two of our grandchildren.  Besides that, I am simultaneously writing two other novels, (the second science fiction novella in the ‘Quantum Series’, and book three of the ‘Westcoast Series’).  To make sure I don’t get bored, I’m also planning out our next two or three travel adventures.  We’re hoping that Covid and old age will allow us to enjoy them.

So thanks to my readers and followers of my blog, I will continue as soon as I can with another tale.  I won’t say exactly when, but I’m sure these planned trips should supply ample ‘ammunition’ for more stories.

Until then, keep on reading!

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