Book 3 in the Jake Prescott Series!

While Jake Prescott and his staff try to take some well-deserved time off, a monster from their past awakens, triggering the murder and mayhem memories of the past year. At that time, they had learned that someone, or some organization, was trying to eliminate scientists or anyone highlighting the global warming crisis.

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Westcoast Bounty

Westcoast Legacy – Book 1 in the Westcoast Series

An exciting account of strong willed Margaret Manson who leaves an established life in Scotland and strikes out on an unknown adventure in Fort Victoria and BC’s rugged west coast, and tastes forbidden  love while battling the hardships of nature, society and local natives while planning an expedition to investigate rumours of Spanish Gold. Click to learn more.

Book 2 in the Westcoast Series

Margaret Manson’s great grandson, John Manson, starts investigating her history, triggered by the discovery of his great grandfather’s journal at a construction site in present day Victoria, which hints at the location of the cave full of Spanish Gold.  Other unsavoury groups become involved as John and his friends unlock more information about this gold, and additional evidence surfaces about a gigantic earthquake in the past that might have played a part in the mystery. Click to learn more.

Jake Prescott Trilogy Series

Catalyst – Book 1 in the Jake Prescott Trilogy

A Canadian scientist, Jake Prescott and his crew become involved in the investigation of a deadly gas attack that kills dozens of victims in Los Angeles, resulting in an international search with Interpol and FBI to find out who was behind it, when another attack happens, increasing the urgency and importance of their efforts, resulting in a deadly race through Europe to find the answers. Click to learn more here

Reaction – Book 2 in the Jake Prescott Trilogy

When a friend and colleague of Jake mysteriously dies while jogging in Stanley Park, Jake and his crew are once again brought into action, and when Jake returns to Europe for the funeral, he discovers a clever scientist in Serbia is using deadly, natural concoctions in a ‘murder for hire’ business to eliminate noted scientists who are raising alarms about global warming. Click to learn more