“The Minoan Time Key”  – A young archaeologist digs around in her grandfather’s attic and discovers some of her great uncle’s relics from an archaeological site in Greece, and discovers a very special item which mysteriously transports her to a Minoan Palace during the second millennium B.C.  After a search for her great uncle who disappeared years before, she finds that he too had been transported to the same period.  Not only that, but had also been involved in a complicated romance in a time where neither of them belonged.

            “Spooky Action”  –  young-at-heart sci-fi story that involves a couple of teenagers who get their high school science fair project mixed up with one boy’s father’s research in quantum mechanics.  Beginning with simple Morse Code, they accidentally get involved with what Einstein called “Spooky Action at a distance”, a quirk of quantum physics that could make interstellar communications possible.