Westcoast Bounty

Coming soon graphic In the first volume of the Westcoast Series (“Westcoast Legacy”), Margaret Manson uproots her family from an established life in London and strikes out on a risky future as indentured colonists for the Hudson’s Bay Company at Fort Victoria on Vancouver’s Island. The long sea journey and brutal wilderness of the west coast provide serious challenges to her naive and stubborn nature. She and her family survive by opposing the social norms of the day and forming alliances with some unsavoury and unusual characters, thus changing the course of her life forever.

“Westcoast Bounty” picks up the story several generations later, when Margaret’s great grandson, Jack Manson, becomes intrigued when some of the unresolved mysteries of Margaret’s adventures surface, creating even more dangers and potential rewards for those involved. On a construction site in modern day Victoria, workers uncover an old journal. They discover it belonged to Jack’s great grandfather, Margaret’s husband, who was washed overboard and lost on his way to Victoria. Jack rallies his friends and colleagues to help solve the unknowns, especially the reference to ‘Spanish Gold’ in the journal. They work together to decipher the journal and solve a generations old family riddle from Jack’s family. As they try to solve these puzzles, the subject of Spanish gold creates serious interest and complications from others with powerful gang connections as far as Vancouver and Hong Kong. So again, they are thrown together into a complicated web of confusion, deceit and danger as they try to solve the mysteries of Margaret Manson’s ‘great west-coast adventure’.

Coming soon graphicIn the introduction to “Westcoast Legacy”, there was a reference to the origin of the name “Juan de Fuca”. It mentioned that in about 1596, an Englishman named Michael Lok returned from Venice with a story about a Greek pilot named Apostolis Valerianos. This reference is mentioned again in “Westcoast Bounty”, as they research the name to try to decipher the puzzle of Margaret Manson’s ‘westcoast adventure’. This man was in fact a Greek pilot who worked for the Spanish on their voyages in the Americas, including this one to seek out the “Strait of Anian”. They learn that he was from the Greek Ionian Island of Kefalonia, and his family name was Focas (Φωκάς in Greek). So rather than ‘Apostolis Valerianos’, (possibly a professional name or part of his full family name), his real name was Ioannis Focas, or John Focas, which, in turn, translates into Juan de Fuca in Spanish.