Beer, Booze and other Beverages

I first want to talk about some other wines, beginning with the infamous “Retsina’ wine from Greece.  Now this wine is definitely an acquired taste.  The presence of a pine resin taste in the wine definitely throws most people off.  As it turned out, Diana and I developed a liking for this wine years ago, even before we went to Greece.  I suppose it was when we were researching Greece, its food and of course its wine that we tried the wine and enjoyed it.  This is especially true when the wine is chilled, and you are enjoying some good Greek food.    Read More


France . . . Provence . . . I’m sure that conjures up all kinds of images of Côte du Rhône wine, Avignon, Nice, beaches on the Côte D’Azur, and others. No . . . we’re going to stop just short of that tourist paradise. Provence is such a rich area of history, art, architecture, and natural beauty, you don’t have to go any further south and waste all your dollars in those expensive tourist traps. Read More

Cowboys of the Camargue

Who knew? Cowboys in France? Well, the reason most of you have not heard of these ‘cowboys’ is because they are really called ‘Les Gardians’. The Guardians of the Camargue are quite famous in their own right, for riding the range with over a hundred herds of black bulls and white horses. Read More