The Alsace Wine Road

When I asked around, I was told to check in the tasting room to find the man in charge of the Gites. Upon entering this gloomy inner sanctum, the damp, over-powering fragrance of the wine industry surrounded me, challenging my sense of smell and even taste, the aroma was so thick. On one side of the room was a small bar, with shelves of bottles and empty glasses lined up along the wall. Read More


Melbourne, Australia’s “cultural” centre, an amazing city in an amazing country! We had never before seen such a delightful mixture of old and new architecture, a tasteful blending of the best features of both styles. This mingling of old and new was also apparent in the city’s transportation system. Standing on the curbside by our hotel, we were intrigued by the sleek, modern tram-cars that glided quietly by, then periodically one of the free, old “colonial” tram-cars came along, clanging its bell, changing the ambience to one of an earlier century. Read More