While Jake Prescott and his staff try to take some well-deserved time off, a monster from their past awakens, triggering the murder and mayhem memories of the past year. At that time, they had learned that someone, or some organization, was trying to eliminate scientists or anyone highlighting the global warming crisis. Slowly, they realize that all the efforts and analysis they had accomplished in the previous year might have been concentrated on the wrong industry. Although some of the problems had been directed either by or towards the petroleum industry, they suddenly learn the main cause of global warming might be the animal-agriculture and meat-growing industry. Jake Prescott and his beautiful girlfriend Sabrina Wagner try to catch some sun and relaxation in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their plans for a romantic vacation are cut short when an old school chum, Mateo Perez, contacts Jake. Working for the Buenos Aires police and Interpol, Mateo is dealing with the environmental resistance to the huge animal-agriculture industry. Jake joins forces with Mateo but they are both sidetracked and stalled by the actions of major Balkan drug cartels working in South America. Before long, they are all involved in another dangerous game of cat and mouse with a familiar enemy from Jake’s past, who is not only determined to stop this talk about global warming, but is involved with major street gangs and drug cartels . . . a game with deadly results.

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