While Jake Prescott and his staff try to take some well-deserved time off, a monster from their past awakens, triggering the murder and mayhem memories of the past year. At that time, they had learned that someone, or some organization, was trying to eliminate scientists or anyone highlighting the global warming crisis. Slowly, they realize that all the efforts and analysis they had accomplished in the previous year might have been concentrated on the wrong industry. Although some of the problems had been directed either by or towards the petroleum industry, they suddenly learn the main cause of global warming might be the animal-agriculture and meat-growing industry. Jake Prescott and his beautiful girlfriend Sabrina Wagner try to catch some sun and relaxation in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their plans for a romantic vacation are cut short when an old school chum, Mateo Perez, contacts Jake. Working for the Buenos Aires police and Interpol, Mateo is dealing with the environmental resistance to the huge animal-agriculture industry. Jake joins forces with Mateo but they are both sidetracked and stalled by the actions of major Balkan drug cartels working in South America. Before long, they are all involved in another dangerous game of cat and mouse with a familiar enemy from Jake’s past, who is not only determined to stop this talk about global warming, but is involved with major street gangs and drug cartels . . . a game with deadly results.

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Novel Notes

Global warming is a ‘hot’ subject in recent days (pardon the pun).  Whether it is severe weather events, climate changes, glacier melting or sea level rise, they are all blamed on global warming.  The main cause of global warming is a constant subject of debate, but fossil fuel usage receives the most blame, ie: the petroleum industry.

Governments are trying to appear to be concerned, and politicians are making rash promises and ‘targets’ for their countries to achieve by some time in the future.  Promises they will never keep, targets they will never meet. But it all sounds good to the uniformed public.

If they keep chasing the petroleum industry with unrealistic targets and ineffective methods to achieve them, nothing will change. Recently, other contenders are rising to the position of blame for global warming, mainly the agriculture industry.  Specifically, the animal agriculture and dairy industry.  Animal agriculture has been accused of being the leading cause of climate change.  Some estimates indicate that the production of animal based foods contribute almost seventy percent of total greenhouse gas emissions, whereas plant based foods contribute just over thirty percent.  Other reports claim that Animal Agriculture methane emissions cause more global warming than all the CO2 emissions from fossil fuel sources. 

This said, the problem not only exists in Canada and the USA, but throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.  Both Brazil and Argentina are huge animal farming countries, with the destruction of the Amazon rain forests of Brazil and other countries raising alarms.  These forests are being cleared to provide more farmland for cattle or to grow grain to feed cattle.  Considering the inefficiencies of that practice, one would question the wisdom of such a decision.

Many environmental organizations, activist and followers are descending on key cities in Argentina and Brazil to express their concerns, fight for what they think is right, and to oppose those in the agricultural industry who are not listening to the warning signs.

Of course, the industry is fighting back.