Several generations after his great-grandmother Margaret Manson leaves Scotland for the rugged Pacific Northwest, Jack Manson, becomes intrigued when some of the unresolved mysteries of Margaret’s adventures surface.

On a construction site in modern day Victoria, workers uncover an old journal and discover it belonged to Jack’s great grandfather, Margaret’s husband, who was washed overboard and lost on his way to Victoria. Jack rallies his friends and colleagues to help solve the unknowns, especially the reference to Spanish gold in the journal. They work together to decipher the journal and solve a generations-old family riddle from Jack’s family. As they try to solve these puzzles, the subject of Spanish gold creates serious interest and complications from others with powerful gang connections as far as Vancouver and Hong Kong.

So again, they are thrown together into a complicated web of confusion, deceit and danger as they try to solve the mysteries of Margaret Manson’s great West Coast adventure.

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