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Frankfurt’s Apfelwein

I can remember drinking cider ever since we graduated from apple juice years ago.  Locally, they make cider from apples, pears and peaches, but much of it these days is made from concentrates, which in my mind spoils the taste.  They are also experimenting with other fruits and combinations, usually too sweet.

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Beer, Booze and other Beverages

I first want to talk about some other wines, beginning with the infamous “Retsina’ wine from Greece.  Now this wine is definitely an acquired taste.  The presence of a pine resin taste in the wine definitely throws most people off.  As it turned out, Diana and I developed a liking for this wine years ago, even before we went to Greece.  I suppose it was when we were researching Greece, its food and of course its wine that we tried the wine and enjoyed it.  This is especially true when the wine is chilled, and you are enjoying some good Greek food.   

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