A Jake Prescott novel

51WXT+J66nLDuring an international environmental conference in Los Angeles, forty-three people die horribly and mysteriously on a local freeway by what initially appears to be a poison gas attack. Suspecting environmental terrorists or political extremists, government agencies remain baffled until a visiting scientist, Jake Prescott, becomes involved.

With the help of friends and colleagues, Jake attempts to unravel the puzzle, only to be frustrated, blocked and hunted down by government agents and others who would prefer to have the event remain closed.

Jake discovers that an old friend and mentor is involved with what turns out to be an experiment gone terribly wrong. Funded jointly by private and government funds, his friend’s research project had developed a fuel additive that could be the answer to some major environmental questions. Because such a discovery could represent a fortune to those holding the right cards, powerful forces move to minimize some unexpected side effects.
When a second event kills another twenty-one people, fear of exposure triggers further government cover-ups. Working with the F.B.I. and Interpol, Jake is still trying to determine who all the players are when other contenders enter the game, those who stand to lose billions of dollars of petroleum revenue and will do anything to prevent the success of the project.
As some of the participants on both sides are brutally eliminated, Jake has to move fast, following a trail of danger, intrigue and love from California to Europe and a secluded laboratory in Bavaria.
On both sides of the Atlantic, hunters close in on the hunted, each making desperate moves towards a final showdown.

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“Ian Kent’s CATALYST – part mystery, part crime – is a fast-paced, action-packed story with focused storytelling that will enthrall thriller fans and general readers alike.” 4.5/5

~ Swati Nair for IndieReader

I have just finished reading the book Catalyst by Ian Kent.  Wow!  I found it very good reading.  The characters are complex and interesting, AND believable.  The pace pulls the reader along…Very compelling reading.  Very good book.  Congratulations to the author!”

~Irene S. Amazon reviewer

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Novel Notes

During the years I was in the environmental business, most industries were not overly concerned with the pollution they caused, the regulations were not strong enough or not enforced, the costs to cut emissions or even monitor them was too high.

We are all aware of the problems and side-effects caused by the petroleum industry . . . pollution, global warming, poisoning our planet. Yet we continue to use millions of barrels a day, mainly because it supplies us with heat, light, transportation, plastics and other wonderful by-products. Where is the solution . . . the balance?

But . . . if you could show a company how to save a little on their fuel consumption, even as little as one or two percent, then suddenly they were interested. Fuel, usually petroleum products, cost money, usually a lot of money, and being able to cut these costs by even a small amount becomes important. Just think . . . if you could cut your own fuel usage on your car, your truck or your furnace, how much would that mean to you?

What if someone actually found an answer to these problems through a “new and improved” fuel additive that cuts pollution and drastically reduced gasoline usage ? How many billions of dollars are involved for the company responsible for this discovery? How far would they go and what would they do to protect their investment? Would governments react, or even get involved?

And . . . of course . . .considering the potential revenue losses . . . would the oil cartels allow it?