During our travels over the years, I have always kept a hand-written journal to remind us later where we were, what we did, how much things cost, etc. Later, we would recall certain experiences and laugh . . . or cry about them. “Remember that little guest-house . . .? or remember that great meal we had at . . .? That’s when I started writing these experiences down, recording little stories or what I call “travel tales”, to share with others, either family or friends. So what follows here is an eclectic sample of short anecdotes about our international travels over the years. To view a list of all the Travel Tales, click here Read More

Beer, Booze and other Beverages

I first want to talk about some other wines, beginning with the infamous “Retsina’ wine from Greece.  Now this wine is definitely an acquired taste.  The presence of a pine resin taste in the wine definitely throws most people off.  As it turned out, Diana and I developed a liking for this wine years ago, even before we went to Greece.  I suppose it was when we were researching Greece, its food and of course its wine that we tried the wine and enjoyed it.  This is especially true when the wine is chilled, and you are enjoying some good Greek food.    Read More

Beer, Booze and other Beverages

Over the years, readers have often asked me if I was a serious drinker, or even if I was an alcoholic.  No folks, I’m neither of the above.  I enjoy a cold beer, or a nice glass of wine occasionally, but that’s a far as it goes.  The problem with travel (that’s a problem?) is when you get wrapped up in another culture, enjoying other foods, you encounter other drinks, and of course you must try them. Read More