During our travels over the years, I have always kept a hand-written journal to remind us later where we were, what we did, how much things cost, etc. Later, we would recall certain experiences and laugh . . . or cry about them. “Remember that little guest-house . . .? or remember that great meal we had at . . .? That’s when I started writing these experiences down, recording little stories or what I call “travel tales”, to share with others, either family or friends. So what follows here is an eclectic sample of short anecdotes about our international travels over the years. To view a list of all the Travel Tales, click here Read More

The Saga of Seven Greekophiles Part 2

The shipwreck that I refer to in this section is the famous iconic photo you see in a lot of the advertising for Greek tourism, the rusty old hulk, lying on a pristine sandy beach in a small cove.  This ship, the “Panagiotis”, sailing from Turkey to Italy in October, 1980, and was caught in a huge storm and driven ashore on the west coast of Zakynthos.  On Zakynthos they call it “Navagio Beach” and has become a major tourist attraction, both for those who arrive by boats, or like us, drive to the top of the cliff to look down.  Read More

The Saga of Seven Greekophiles Part 1

Here we are, back in the Greek islands, one of our favourite places to be!  I mention in the title the term ‘Greekophile’, for someone who admires anything Greek, its culture, its food, its music, etc.  The actual term should be ‘Philhellene’, which comes from the Greek φιλέλλην, from φίλος – philos or friend, lover, and Ελλην – Greek.  Basically, I’m talking about a bunch of us who love Greek food, drink, music and especially, the Greek islands. Read More