Who was Juan de Fuca?

For those of you who live in the Pacific Northwest, or have done any traveling there, you will be familiar with the body of water called Juan de Fuca Strait, between the state of Washington, and Canada’s Vancouver Island. This ‘travel tale’ is not directly about my wanderings, but about this body of water and one of history’s most important travellers, Juan de Fuca. Read More


France . . . Provence . . . I’m sure that conjures up all kinds of images of Côte du Rhône wine, Avignon, Nice, beaches on the Côte D’Azur, and others. No . . . we’re going to stop just short of that tourist paradise. Provence is such a rich area of history, art, architecture, and natural beauty, you don’t have to go any further south and waste all your dollars in those expensive tourist traps. Read More

Europe’s Christmas Markets

Our first exposure to how serious some European countries celebrate Christmas was a discovery we made many years ago as we travelled through Rothenburg, on Germany’s ‘Romantic Road’. It was still September, so we hadn’t expected to see much about Christmas. It was the first time we discovered a Käthe Wolfahrt store, a store dedicated totally to all things Christmas. Read More