Dovecotes of Tinos (ΠΕΡΙΣΤΕΡΙΩΝΕΣ)

In your travels to different countries, one of the most interesting parts of travel is the study of the country’s architecture. This becomes very evident when you see the Dovecotes on the island of Tinos in Greece, and see how they have influenced the architecture of other buildings. When we first visited Tinos, we scarcely knew what a dovecote was. But, I must say, Tinos is the place to go if you want to see a lot of them and learn something about them. Read More

Our Five Country Day

When we were doing a lot of traveling Europe by car, on a “normal” travel day we would try to arise for breakfast at a decent time, roughly between seven o’clock and eight, have time to enjoy one of those great European breakfasts, then be on the road at about nine. “On the road” could mean anything from literally being in the car on the road, or perhaps just heading out to spend the day walking around and seeing the local sights. Read More