Have you ever thought about how you would handle a ‘first contact’ situation with an alien species?

A couple of students accidentally get their science fair project mixed up with an experiment in ‘quantum entanglement’.
A mysterious message is received via this ‘impossible’ phenomenon that Einstein called “Spooky Action at a distance”.
Dr. Khara Miller, an astrophysicist and quantum expert is intrigued and works together with another quantum physicist, her boyfriend Andy Nichols, to help solve this quirky message. They soon realize they are communicating with scientists on a recently discovered exoplanet.

What will governments do? Will they allow it? How will the public react?

Writer Ian Kent, author of several novels, including Historical fiction and Environmental thrillers, is teasing us with the first of a trilogy of science fiction novellas. This ‘Quantum Series’ will take you on some interesting excursions into the quirky and unearthly realm of quantum physics.

Buy a copy of Book 1 now and watch for Book 2 later in 2022.

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